Physique 57 – A Man Appears

This morning I took my eighth class at Physique 57 and a man taught it! I was beginning to think that Physique 57 didn’t allow men or something… seven classes and I didn’t see a single man.  My trainer wants to come with me, and I warned him, but today… there he was in all his glory.  Alexander the Physique 57 teacher.

He was great! Very muscular… tough class.  He told me that he has been with Physique 57 since the very beginning, and that once men try the class they love it and keep coming back.

On that note, I must admit that I now LOVE Physique 57.  There were several classes where I actually thought of sneaking out in the middle because I was so miserable, but now the hour is passing quickly and I am loving almost every minute of it.

Maybe I’m almost ready for the Intermediate or Mixed Class now.  I was told not to try them until I have gone to ten classes, so I have two more to go.  I’ll keep you posted, but seriously, try it if you want a fun full body workout.  It’s addictive.  Right Lisa???


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4 Responses to Physique 57 – A Man Appears

  1. ntkaram14 says:

    I am so happy to hear you are loving it! You are definitely ready for mixed probably even intermediate. You started in excellent shape. I think the mixed and intermediate go faster because you move more quickly from one set to another. I like that the classes remain hard, I can never just go through the motions. Alexander is one of my favorite instructors. There are very few men in the classes but I don’t mind–it smells less like a gym that way. Hopefully I will see you there soon.

    • mallorylayne says:

      What classes do you go to again? Let me know and I’ll try to meet you. I have been to 8 classes but they told me not to try mixed or intermediate until I have taken 10 classes. What do you think? You’re funny about the smell. I am finding that my feet are slipping on the carpet. Do you were their special socks or just regular running socks? I think the new shoes they are selling are hideous! Have you seen them?

  2. ntkaram14 says:

    I use the socks or other ones I have that have grippy things on the bottom. I think the shoes are sort of pricey for what they are–they strike me as a little too trendy. I haven’t seen many people wear them except the instructors. I ended up having to do mixed almost right away when I started because it was hard for me to do find beginner classes that fit my schedule. Most weeks I do 9:15 intermediate on M and F. They offer options on how to do the exercises, especially in the mixed. A friend of mine was not in very good shape at all and the only time she could make was intermediate and she did fine and just modified when she needed to.

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