Not Bicoastal, but the Intracoastal

My husband and I got back from a long weekend in Florida late last night.  You know that I have had a long time dream of moving to L.A., right? Well, clearly that is not happening right now.  My husband’s parents are in Manhattan and Delray Beach, and he isn’t leaving them so fast.  We’re both still working in NYC, and my son is a sophomore in high school, with 2-1/2 years left before he graduates.  All of these facts make a move to L.A., or even a second home there, impractical.

So what did we do over the weekend?

We bought a house in Delray Beach, Florida!


It’s not L.A., but it is warm, it is beach, it is ocean and it is nearby.  We have friends and family galore down there, and we can be there and back almost as quickly as we get to and from the Hamptons on a busy weekend.

So, we won’t be seeing you in L.A. any time soon, but if you’re in Southern Florida, give us a shout.  We close in less than 45 days! See you on the beach — the Florida beach that is.






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5 Responses to Not Bicoastal, but the Intracoastal

  1. Jeff says:

    Good for you. Enjoy it. I guess you’ll be working on that FL real estate license now.

    • mallorylayne says:

      Let me know when you’re ready to buy down there and I’ll be sure to have it. How is married life treating you?

      • Jeff says:

        All is well. We are very happy. We are about to start to renovate a brownstone in Brooklyn (Carroll Gardens); the house belongs to Rachael’s parents. Three-week honeymoon in Italy this May/June. Daniel is good. We are in the middle of the school/SAT/ACT fun. Did I tell you that I took up golf last summer? I really like it. I know that you are still running. What about tennis?

      • mallorylayne says:

        I don’t run much unless it’s hot out (like in Florida the past few days). Work out with a trainer twice a week, Physique 57 1X/week,, yoga 1X/week, and then crosstrain the other days. Play tennis when I can. Mark is really good at golf but plays rarely, but now that we will be in Fla we will take it up together at some point. Are you still running? Glad you are happy. That’s what it’s all about. House sounds great! How long will the renovation take?

      • Jeff says:

        I am still running, but even slower. Renovation will take nine months to a year.

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