Is there hope for Hank and Karen?

Last week’s episode of “Californication” left me hopeful.  Hopeful that Hank and Karen may still have a shot at being together.  I guess this is how we are supposed to feel though, right? This is what television is made of.  We, the viewers, always hoping for a union between two people who can never seem to get it together at the same time.  Think “Cheers”.  Think “Californication”.

This week I was left wondering why Hank and Karen never married each other.  Clearly Karen is not opposed to marriage, since she married Richard (the drunk guy who likes to rip off his clothes in public and hide his penis between his legs, creating a mangina — yuck!!!).  As the show flashed back to the early days of Karen and Hank’s relationship they were madly in love with each other, had already given birth to Becca, and Hank was not yet a cheater.  So why didn’t they ever marry? Must be a Hank thing I guess.

Anyway… now that Richard has started drinking again, Karen is mucho unhappy.  Who does she go running to?



Watching him hold her as she admits that she thinks she has made a huge mistake (by marrying Richard) we are left hoping that somehow these two will find a way to be together forever.  But then again, even on this Valentine’s week, I am not naive enough to believe that it will ever happen.  I’m so glad real life isn’t this way.  We have enough frustrations to worry about every day without having to worry that our one true love will never find us (or us them).

Keep the faith.  I did.  It only took my husband and I 98 combined years to find each other.  There’s hope for everyone.



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midlife mom seeking meaning for the rest of her life.
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