Best Book Ever: “The Kitchen House”

Ever read a book that you didn’t want to finish because you loved it so much? That’s how I felt about “The Kitchen House”.  This historical novel, by Kathleen Grissom, was enjoyable from beginning to end. 

It takes place from the late 1700’s through the early 1800’s, down South on a plantation.  A little white girl is brought to live with the black kitchen staff after her parents perish on a boat.  The owner of the plantation saves her and brings her home, and therein begins the story.

It is a story of family.  It is a story of racial tensions.  It is a story of abuse, of drug use, of alcohol abuse, of sexual abuse.  It is a story of love, where race knows no bounds.

I loved “The Kitchen House”.  Honestly, I don’t know why I haven’t heard more about it.  I am going to recommend it to every avid reader I know.  Maybe I can even turn some non-readers into readers with this one.  It’s that good.

Did you like “The Help”? I loved it.  “The Kitchen House” bears some resemblance to “The Help”, though it explores the trials and tribulations of slaves and their masters in a new and refreshing way.

Looking for a great book? Here it is.

Two thumbs up. 


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