Smile Bethenny

Why is Bethenny Frankel so grouchy all the time? She’s complaining about being recognized, and bothered, on the streets.  That’s the price you pay for fame sister.  Get over it.

Bethenny has it all now:

A beautiful baby,

Her adorable dog,

Her devoted husband, and…

Money and fame!

Why is she so grouchy?

Every time I see her walking down the street she has a scowl on her face, despite the fact that she’s always with Bryn and Cookie (baby and dog, respectively).

Smile Bethenny! You look so much prettier with a smile on your face rather than that closed off scowl.  Save the scowls for real problems.  Being adored by your neighbors is not a problem — it’s a blessing.  Remember yourself a few years ago when you were single, poor, childless.  You have everything now.  Stop taking yourself so seriously.


About mallorylayne

midlife mom seeking meaning for the rest of her life.
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