They Call It Work for a Reason

Generally people do not love what they do.  Most of us work to pay the bills and to afford things that we desire rather than because we are fulfilled by our jobs in a meaningful way.

If you love your job consider yourself very lucky.  If you are passionate about what you do AND able to pay the bills while doing it you are doubly blessed.  Sometimes I think that if I didn’t need to make money I could do a lot of things that I would enjoy more than what I am doing to make money.  Who knows, though, honestly? I have had more than my share of short-term and unpaid jobs that I thought would provide me with a lot of satisfaction and they really didn’t at the end of the day.

Addicts didn’t recover,

Sick people getting free meal delivery didn’t stop complaining,

Substitute teaching became a drain when I could never make plans because I was waiting for the 6 a.m. call confirming that I was needed. 

Once I realized that I wasn’t going to be a model or an actress or a famous singer I had to buckle down and figure out what I wanted to do.  Clinical Psychologist or Writer I decided at a young age.

“Forget it,” my parents said.  “You’ll never make money doing that.”

So I forgot it.  I went off and get a business job in Marketing, and spent over 17 years moving up the corporate ladder.  I had some great runs and some great jobs, but most of the time it was just…


I didn’t wake up with that fire under my feet, skipping into the office to meet the new day.  Well, I did occasionally, but not for the most part.

Who loves their work? When I think of people who seem totally fulfilled I think:

Famous athletes, actors and musicians,

Rich entrepreneurs,

Skilled doctors.

As I watch my children growing up I try to guide them into career paths that will not only pay the bills but will also fulfill them as people.  Though we have been discussing career options for many years (sports agent, neurosurgeon, plastic surgeon, dermatologist have been some of my suggestions…) nothing has really stuck yet.  I hope that they will find contentment in their work someday.  We spend so much of our waking time working that if we can enjoy it we are truly fortunate.

If you have an opportunity to go for what you truly love then do it!

I had dinner with a 23-year old girlfriend of mine a few nights ago.  She has had about forty jobs in the few years since she graduated from university.  She hasn’t really liked any of them or lasted very long at each one.  After trying many different things she is frustrated because she still doesn’t know what she wants to do.

“Guess what?” I told her, “neither do I, and I’m 50.”

Life is a work in progress.  Hopefully we have more good days than bad ones and we can pay our bills honestly and with integrity.

Do I love my job in real estate now? Sometimes yes, but it is far from perfect.  I love apartments and working with people, and I enjoy negotiating, but I cannot say that every day in this business is all fun and games either (though it has provided me with a lot more flexibility as a single mother than my Marketing jobs did).

If you are miserable doing what you do, try to change it if you can.  Life is too short to be unhappy.  However, remember than having no money will not make you happy either if you give up something without another something to replace it.

I like my job today, so I’m happy for that.  I’m off to show some gorgeous waterview places in Western Soho with a great customer who is savvy and nice and someone I’ve worked with before.  I’m negotiating on a deal with a very dear friend and also former customer.  I’m sending out listings and getting some positive replies.  I wish every day was like this.

Talk to me after I win the Powerball tomorrow night.



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midlife mom seeking meaning for the rest of her life.
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