“Teaching” a Man to Kiss is Not a Good Idea

Poor Jaime.  She got voted off of “The Bachelor” this week.  Why? Because she literally tried to teach Ben Flajnik how to kiss.

This is never a good idea!

Either you can kiss together or you can’t.  If the chemistry isn’t there, let it go girls.  There is no teaching involved when we are all adults.

“Close your mouth,” she instructed him.

“Now open it,” she continued.  She laughed as she kissed him, and awkwardly hiked up her short short dress so she could sit facing him on his lap.  They had never kissed before, and guess what?

They will never kiss each other again.  She didn’t get a rose.  Big surprise.

If you have to teach him, do it with your tongue and your lips, not your vocal cords.  No man wants to be told that he doesn’t know how to kiss.

Also, did you know that Courtney has a past history of cheating? She cheated on her ex, Jesse Metcalfe, from “Desperate Housewives”.  She seems like very bad news to me, but she definitely has Ben’s one-eyed friend all excited after skinny dipping with him and then wearing no undergarments during their recent tribal visit.  She danced around without a bra, and he certainly noticed.  He actually acts and seems like a virgin when you get right down to it.  Courtney flaunts her cute body in a bikini while another woman is trying to seduce him, and Ben cannot take his eyes off of her.  My feeling is that once he sleeps with her (if he ever does) he will be over her, but we shall see.  Sex can have a very strong hold over us.

And what was Casey doing on the show when she’s still in love with a guy named Michael back at home? Did she really think nobody would find out? How selfish.  She cried her way home, and she deserved every tear.  Will people never learn? Don’t go on a reality show to find a husband if you are in love with somebody else.  You are never going to get away with it.  You are going to look awful in the end.  You are wasting everybody’s time.

I hope Ben does find love this time, though it’s unlikely given the show’s terrible odds on successful matches.  He’s sweet though, and I wish him the best.  And if he doesn’t find it this time, please don’t give him another show! I can’t watch him for another full season.  We need someone hotter, a bit more interesting.

Can’t wait for Emily Maynard on “The Bachelorette”.  Maybe Ben will pay a surprise visit to her on set to try and find love if he fails on his own show.  Groundhog Day, you know what I mean? Been there.  Seen that.


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