I Should Have Stayed in Bed

Yesterday I should have stayed in bed.  I’m sure you have had one of those days where almost nothing goes right.  As more and more goes bad it becomes apparent that you should have stayed in bed.  If you haven’t had these, you’re lucky.  I’ve had my share.

So, here’s how my day unfolded:

I woke up early to drive my daughter to school.  I wrote my Madonna Half Time post before we left and it disappeared into thin air when I tried to publish it.  Funny, because WordPress says that they automatically save a draft of every post, but this one was gonzo… somewhere very far out in cyberspace. 

I lost my favorite bracelet.  The clasp had been loose.  It fell off and I put it back on, promising myself to take it to the store where we got it to later in the day to have the clasp replaced.  Left the apartment and went to the new nail salon down the street.  As I took my coat off I realized that the bracelet was gone.  After a mad retracing of my steps it has not reappeared.  I feel sick about it.

My manicure sucked.  It cost $20 plus tip.  As soon as I left the salon I noticed that my left thumb had a big smudge on it, which annoyed me all afternoon.  I vowed to go back after work to have it fixed.

Went to a walk through and closing (finally two things that went relatively smoothly).  As I left the closing to go to my office to deposit the check I took the wrong subway and overshot my office.

Need I continue?

I should have stayed in bed.

Today is going fine so far.  Let’s see if this post uploads now.  If not, I’m getting back in bed with my dog.


About mallorylayne

midlife mom seeking meaning for the rest of her life.
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2 Responses to I Should Have Stayed in Bed

  1. Priya Singh says:

    Dear Mallory,

    I don’t read your posts very often but when I do, I seriously have to smile. Not only are you a good speller, have good grammar and your sense of humour is quite infectious. Keep going!

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