Madonna at the Super Bowl

Madonna was incredible during the half time show last night.  In fact, it was the best Super Bowl half time performance I have ever watched.

People may criticize her, but I have nothing but admiration for her and her performance. 
She began with “Vogue”, an all-time favorite.  Dressed as a queen, she looked fantastic.  Wearing over-the-knee stilettos, she walked up and down bleachers, danced, and even managed some elegant gymnastics.  So what if she tripped a bit? Wouldn’t you in those boots? I don’t think I could even walk across the stage in those let alone dance.

At 53, Madonna looks better than ever.  She deserves it too.  She works out like a madwoman and eats a primarily macrobiotic diet.  I would rather starve than eat what she does, but then again, I am not a superstar like she is.  I enjoy my french fries and pizza too much to give them up.

Madonna continues to recreate herself, and the show was an extravaganza.  The costumes were incredible, and she did not resort to baring too much flesh.  In fact, her outfits got less revealing at the end, just when you expected her to strip down to her lingerie and stilettos.  Instead, she came out dressed as a priestess and singing “Like a Prayer” with Cee Lo in tow (dressed like a glittery monk), and ended the show with a message for World Peace.

The sets were spectacular, the energy was great, and her song selection was spot on.  In addition to CeeLo, Nicki Minaj and MIA joined her on stage.  Is she sexy? Absolutely, and she knows it.

I say that Madonna deserves every cent she has ever made. 

Have you seen her daughter Lourdes recently? At age 15 she is a fashionista in the making and already incredibly entrepreneurial.  And Madonna has three other children too! Rock on. 

I don’t care if people are criticizing her and saying that she was just promoting her new album.  I loved every minute of the show and I am going to order it today.

By the way, have I ever mentioned that my husband and I fell in love listening to Madonna? Long story, but take my word for it.


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midlife mom seeking meaning for the rest of her life.
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