A Few Complaints

Last night we got into bed at 12:30 after flying back from Florida.  I had an 8:30 walk through this morning by City Hall.  I have a few complaints already (and I haven’t even been home for 12 hours!):

1. My back hurts;

2. I’m tired;

3. It’s cold.  I think my tan is fading already;

4. Zucker’s had no bagels this morning.  What’s a bagel store without bagels?

5. I’m fat.  For some reason, running outdoors every day and wearing a bikini seem to make me gain weight (remember the cruise last summer?). 

Okay, now I’m done complaining.  Here are some things I’m happy about:

1. I had a walk through this morning and the closing is tomorrow;

2. Today I get to see my children.  I miss them terribly! Wake up and get over here already little ones!;

3. I just picked Grandpa up (my dappled dachschund).  I almost brought a tiny little Morkie home to surprise him but common sense took over at the last minute.  Really, do I need to buy a puppy in Del Ray and bring it on the plane? NYC does have dogs too (though she was absolutely precious — only one pound!).  Grandpa has already passed out on my bed.  Three nights with a lot of other dogs has apparently pooped him out!

Oh well… the complaints seem to outweigh the things I’m happy about today, but what can I say? It’s cold outside.


About mallorylayne

midlife mom seeking meaning for the rest of her life.
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