Want to Know What It’s Like to be a Guy? Read This Book…

I have written in the past about my desire to get inside a man’s head (and his body) for a day or two.  Well, I no longer need to get inside his head, because Chad Kultgen just did it for me with his hysterical debut novel, “The Average American Male”.

If you have any curiosity whatsoever as to what a 20-something guy thinks about all day you have to read this.  It is absolutely entertaining and enlightening.

What he doesn’t think/talk about:

His job,


His family,

Any world events whatsoever.

What he does think about/do/talk about:

Sex with just about any woman who is alive,



Bad t.v.,

Video games,



Seriously, this book is spot on.  I have asked a few guys about it since I began reading it and that said that it is not far from the truth.  If you think a guy is interested in what you do or what you’re saying, think again.  It is an act, a means to an end, and the end is sex, or at the very least orgasm.

Men and women are not the same, as the novel’s narrator realizes at the conclusion of this unimportant (yet somehow very important) book.  I think he has written two more.  I will not read them.  I am, however, glad that I picked this one up.

I give it a definite thumb up.



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2 Responses to Want to Know What It’s Like to be a Guy? Read This Book…

  1. Stuart Browning says:

    My wife would say that I’m still like this at 51. Just kidding … sorta.

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