“The Bachelor” is Looking Better and Better

At first I posted that I didn’t like Ben Flajnik, the new bachelor, very much.  He seemed dull and not that cute (aside from his hair of course).  However, he has done a few things recently that are making me look at him in a more positive light.  

Here goes:

1. He plays the piano, and actually picked a David Gray tune to impress one of his dates with (I love men who play instruments, and I love David Gray).  Two points!

2. He dances decently.  I would have expected him to have two left feet, but he actually seems able to hold his own out there on the dance floor.  One point!

3. He doesn’t play into the drama.  When Shawntel Newton (the somewhat freakish funeral director from Brad Womack’s season) appears at a Rose Ceremony cocktail party three weeks into the process, Brad does not offer her a rose and gallantly escorts her out the door, thanking her for making the long trip to see him.  Three points!

Go Ben.  You have six points already.  Keep us the good work.  Maybe you aren’t such a bad choice after all.  Watch out for Courtney the model though… she seems somewhat demented.  I definitely think there’s a hidden story there.  And, of course, she’s the one that Ben is professing having strong feelings for.  Doesn’t “The Bachelor” always play into the insanity? Of course it does.  That’s what makes for interesting television.



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midlife mom seeking meaning for the rest of her life.
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