Keep it Simple Please… My Stomach Hurts!

Owww! Last night we went to a very fancy black tie event at Bouley and all I can say is…


My stomach hurt so much afterwards that I couldn’t fall asleep until almost 1:30 a.m.  Everything was so beautifully prepared and served, but I cannot eat like that.  Butter.  Cream.  More butter.  More cream.  Oil.  Garlic.  Who knows what else was in it, but it couldn’t have been healthy.  Honestly, I don’t even like the way it tastes.

I really didn’t eat a lot.  I skipped the squab and the steak tartare (too daring for me).  I skipped both desserts.  The only thing I really enjoyed was the cheese course, and that didn’t arrive until about 11 p.m. 

David Bouley is gorgeous and gracious, and I know he is a world renowned chef.  I just don’t like fancy food.  Give me a whole wheat bagel flat with lowfat cream cheese, or a plain margarita pizza, or a burger with fries and I am one happy woman.  Foie gras? Squab? Blowfish? Suckling pig? Sweetbreads? None for me thanks.  I had a big lunch.

On their first date, my Mom gave her entire meal to my Dad at the fancy restaurant that he took her to and then asked him to stop at a hotdog stand on the way home so she could eat something.  Love you Mom! She always looked like she was going to cry when my Dad took her to one fancy restaurant after another.  All she wanted was some scrambled eggs and bacon or a hotdog and fries.  I can’t say that I blame her.

Today I am working out hard and eating very plain and healthy.  My stomach still hurts.  I wonder how the rest of the group is feeling.  Probably fine, right? I am so not a foodie.  Oh well, at least I can admit it.  Next year Del Posto.  Oy, not again!



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midlife mom seeking meaning for the rest of her life.
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