Heidi Klum and Seal Break Up? Is Nothing Real in Hollywood?

How can Heidi Klum and Seal break up? They were one of those romantic celebrity stories that seemed to beat all odds… a supermodel and a rock star who were madly in love, renewing their marriage vows every year.  I have seen them walking hand in hand along the Hudson River with their adorable children (her legs are seriously the most gorgeous pair I have ever seen!).  They always seemed so in love and committed to one another.

Oh well… seems like Heidi got too big for her britches.  While Seal’s singing career has petered along she has become a mega-star.  And, apparently, he has a very bad temper.  Wonder if Heidi has anything to do with pissing him off? Why do I get the feeling that she isn’t 100% sugar sweet underneath that gorgeous facade?

They had three beautiful children together.  I hope that Seal is able to work on his anger issues (assuming he really has them) so he can be a good dad to all of them. 

What next for Heidi? She already has four biological children, a huge career, and two divorces under her belt.

Stay tuned.



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