“We Need to Talk About Kevin” Movie Review

I wish I hadn’t seen “We Need to Talk About Kevin” yesterday, but both of my children were Jonesing to see it, so I took them over to The Angelika.  Other than enjoying my popcorn immensely, I wish I had never agreed to see it.  My children loved it though.

As a mother, I found it extremely difficult to watch a mother’s life fall apart after the birth of a son who just doesn’t “seem” right to her from the time he is born.  He has colic, he won’t toilet train, he is  basically evil, but nobody seems to see this other than her.  The mother, named Eva, is played by Tilda Swinton, who is earning rave reviews.  She is in every single scene of the movie.  I agree that she played the part well, but I think a lot of actresses could have done so also.  It is a part made for awards.

Her husband, played by John C. Reilly, can really see no wrong with their son.  He basically laughs off his wife’s concerns and complaints, and spends his time with their son teaching him to shoot a bow and arrow and playing video games.  They laugh together easily.

As a parent, we worry every day that something may happen to one of our children, or that something may be wrong with them.  We watch.  We stress.  We teach.  We warn.  We try to teach them well and hope that they will turn out happy and fine.  Watching Eva try to soothe and teach Kevin made me squirm.  She was definitely not your model mother, but I don’t know if anyone could be with a son like hers.  He pushed her to her limits every single day.

Kevin destroys his mothers life.  In fact, that seems to be his goal all along.  I can’t really understand what my children liked about this movie… I will need to ask them again once I am no longer feeling nauseous from watching it.  Personally I do not enjoy watching people’s lives fall apart at the seams, and anything about a child with problems is upsetting. 

I have to give “We Need to Talk About Kevin” two out of three thumb’s up due to my children, but if I could, I would use both of my thumbs in this case and point them both down, down, down.


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One Response to “We Need to Talk About Kevin” Movie Review

  1. ekcarmel says:

    Thanks for the heads-up on this film. I don’t enjoy watching families coming apart at the seams either, especially since I see that sort of thing happening in the world around me. However, I have been known to watch movies with my daughters that I didn’t like, simply for the sake of family time together, so I know what you mean. Hopefully the next one will be more enjoyable for you!

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