8 Ways to Warm Up in the Snowstorm

It’s snowing outside, as you’ve probably noticed.  It’s also 25 degrees, and frigid.  Here are some 8 tips on how to stay warm:

1. Stay inside, under the covers;

2. Take a warm bath or shower for a very long time and have a big warm robe waiting beside you when you step out;

3. Go to the tanning salon.  The light and warmth that you can get in just seven or eight minutes can feel like a long weekend in the Caribbean;

4. Get on a plane immediately and head South or West.  Don’t come back until mid-March;

5. Drink hot chocolate, or hot coffee, or hot tea, or a hot toddy, or some full-bodied red wine;

6. Cuddle up with your dog;

7. Snuggle with your baby or your boyfriend or your wife or whomever is nearby and warm looking;

8. Turn on your Happy Light if you have one.  If not, order one immediately.



About mallorylayne

midlife mom seeking meaning for the rest of her life.
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