Allergies Anyone?

Is it just me or is anybody else dying from allergies this week? On Monday I went to pitch a new listing in Midtown.  I was fine when I left my apartment.  When I got home about two hours later I started sneezing.  I have not stopped since.

I sneezed about 700 times on Tuesday.  My daughter and I went to a movie matinee and she was mortified as I sneezed,

and sneezed,

and sneezed some more.

Luckily there were only four other people in the theatre, but I don’t think they were amused.

So far I have used or taken:

Zicam nasal spray,


Benadryl, and


Nothing is helping.

The only time my nose is not running, itchy or sneezing is when I am asleep.

Any advice? Any other sufferers out there? What in the world am I allergic to in mid-January? Oh I know… probably the cold weather.  I’ll bet that if I was living in L.A. my nose would be just fine.



About mallorylayne

midlife mom seeking meaning for the rest of her life.
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