Michael Fassbender – The Next Sexiest Man Alive

Move over George Clooney,

Step aside Brad Pitt,

Hugh Jackman — please!

Sorry Bradley Cooper, you are a cutie.

The list goes on and on, but once you see “Shame”, you will forget all of these previously named sexy men and have eyes (and lips, and fantasies) for only one man… Michael Fassbender.

People have been talking about one thing and one thing only when you mention the movie “Shame” and that is how incredibly well endowed Michael Fassbender is.  Full frontal nudity people — get ready.

He’s German.  He’s 35 years old.  His body is beautiful.  His face is even more beautiful than his body.  I didn’t know who he was until I saw him in “Shame”, but now I am going to have to run out and watch him in “A Dangerous Method”, where he plays Carl Jung, and maybe even “Jane Eyre” where he is cast as Rochester.  He has been in a lot of movies before, but I don’t think anyone noticed him — and I mean really noticed him — until he took his clothes off here.

His part is not particularly likeable, but you will be drawn to his eyes, his face, his pain and inability to connect with another human being in any real way. 

I wonder if he had to strip for the audition.  If not, the filmmakers sure got an extra bonus! Imagine if he had a tiny little thing instead.  But he doesn’t.  Once you see it you are not likely to forget it.  And who better to play a sex addict, right?

Casey Mulligan is really good as his sister too.

Sex at The Gansevoort in the Meatpacking District anyone? You might want to give it a whirl after seeing this one.

Three thumbs up from me and my posse.

Gotta go and buy tickets for one of his other films.



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