Physique 57: It’s All in the Teacher

Class #3 today.  I was not planning to attend after the painful and totally unenjoyable class that I took on Thursday.  My back hurt for two full days.  But, this morning, my beautiful and dear friend Susan texted me that she was going… and her back has been hurting too… so off I went to meet her.

The class was amazing! Holly at Spring Street.  She was tuned in to injuries, helpful at making adjustments, gorgeous to look at — an overall delight.  I recommend her class to anyone and everyone. 

Three down and four to go.  They say your body changes after as few as eight workouts.  Changes how I wonder? Just kidding really.  I have paid for seven and I am taking it one class at a time.  I guess I won’t be able to report on my bodily changes unless I buy another series when this one runs out.

I will keep you posted.  Meanwhile, if you have been thinking about trying Physique 57, I totally recommend Holly.  She is fantastic.



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midlife mom seeking meaning for the rest of her life.
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