Funny Rental: “What’s Your Number?”

If you’re looking for a light, funny little comedy for the long weekend, check out Anna Faris in “What’s Your Number?”.  She is so funny in that completely-lacking-in-any-sort-of-embarrassment-or-discretion kind of way.  She is a woman who:

Eats as much as she wants… in public, and openly loves meat (including hotdogs),

Drinks shots wantonly, and

Admits to how many guys she has had sex with without shaving it down even a tad.

She is funny and quirky and adorable.  Did you see her in “House Bunny”? If not, that’s another great one to catch.

Don’t expect a great movie with “What’s Your Number”, because it isn’t great.  It is cute though, and completely entertaining.  If you can’t laugh at yourself and be silly then definitely do not bother.

“What’s Your Number?” gets one thumb up, since my husband fell asleep while watching it with me last night and then had no interest in catching up on it today.  His loss.  I will not give it a one thumbs down rating for him because he never really gave it a chance before conking out.  I definitely think my teenagers would like it too, but I can’t rate it for them because they haven’t seen it.  They did see her in “House Bunny” with me though, and that rated three thumbs up from our at home In Demand Movie Gallery.



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