A “Must” Eat for 2012

Ever since Tasti D-Lite opened its doors I have been a huge fan.  I love the smooth, creamy, cold, sweet confections, especially the Milky Way flavor, though there are a lot of flavors that I love (mostly the ones that are chocolate/peanut butter/coffee). 

Long ago I had fantasies of opening my very own Tasti D-Lite store, but I gave that up after doing a quick cost/benefit analysis.  I was not going to get rich and I was afraid that even Tasti could make me fat if I ate enough of it.

Recently a lot of Tasti shops have been transformed into The Lite Choice.  I’m really not sure what the difference is, but I actually like The Lite Choice even more than Tasti D-Lite now.  It’s a bit silkier and their toppings are really good (especially the mini dark chocolate chips and the cookie crunches).

Last night we went to Pinkberry in Chelsea after dinner.  I tried the peanut butter flavor and it was…


I had the chocolate too, and it had a weird consistency and a bitter taste.

But, the peanut butter? OMG is all I can say.  I’m obsessed.  I just asked my husband to pick some up for me because he’s going out to do an errand. 

He said no.

Now I’m crying.




About mallorylayne

midlife mom seeking meaning for the rest of her life.
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