Horrible Movie: “New Year’s Eve”

Do not see “New Year’s Eve”, especially in the theatres.  I spent $60 seeing it on Monday with my children and one of their friends (plus popcorn, candy, sodas and a water — oy!), and it was beyond bad.  I actually asked them if they wanted to leave after about forty minutes but we decided to sit it out… mistake!

The cast is incredible.  It includes (in no particular order):

Ashton Kutcher,

Katherine Heigl,

Sarah Jessica Parker,

Michelle Pfeiffer,

Robert DeNiro,

Jon Bon Jovi,

Lea Michele,

Hilary Swank,

Jessica Biel,

and so many more. 

It is hard to believe that all of these stars would agree to be in a movie this bad.  Even the really good actors are bad in this movie.  The only performance that I actually liked was Jon Bon Jovi’s, maybe because he was basically playing himself.  Plus, he is gorgeous!!!

Save your money! If you must see this movie wait for television.  It stinks.

Four thumbs down.  Even a tub of popcorn and a box of Junior Mints won’t help this one.


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midlife mom seeking meaning for the rest of her life.
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