How to Win at Slot Machines

Happy New Year.  We just got back from Las Vegas last night.

I am very pleased to tell you that I have finally figured out how to win at slot machines.  And now, you lucky readers can learn how without having to go through a fifteen year losing cycle like I did.

Check the odds: when you look at the machines, see what the payouts are and how much you have to put in to win them.  The machines can be extremely deceiving because they even a penny machine may require $2.70 to win a measly payout.  On the other hand, a $3.00 investment on a penny Megabucks machine can pay as much as $11 million!

Also, do not sit at a machine that is not paying out.  Machines go cold, and you don’t want to sit at one and keep losing and losing.  I usually play a machine for three to five pulls only, and if it doesn’t pay off I move on to the next one.  I literally go around the circle of machines sometimes until I hit something.  Or, if I don’t hit anything I just go elsewhere.

Another tip: only carry a certain amount of money with you at any time and don’t bring a credit card or cash card (it is relatively easy to take out extra money in a casino!).  If you limit the money you bring to the casino you cannot lose more than that.

So what did I win in Las Vegas this week?

$1,200 on a Megabucks machine ($3 investment);

$500 on a 60 cent pull;

$500 on a Wheel of Fortune dollar machine;

$600 on a final measly investment (the details become blurry after hours and hours of pulling and pushing and inserting).

Did I win overall you ask? Slightly.  You see, if I won $1,200 I would then play with it as if it were play money, trying to win something really big, like $273,000 or $11 million.  Something life changing.  A few hundred dollars is not going to change my life, but a few million could.  I worked hard this week at the slot machines, and I had fun.  I came out a tad ahead, which is good news.  I did not win the Megabucks, though I certainly tried to.  If I had been there for another day I would have probably succeeded.

Or not.

Take these tips to Vegas with you next time you are there and let me know how you fare.  If you win the Megabucks due to my post I require only a 15% fee.




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