$88 Million Condo Sold!

Who thought that Sandy Weill would actually get $88 million for the penthouse condo that he spent only $43.7 million for just a scant four years ago.  A few things:

1. What made this apartment go up in value by $44.3 million in four years? Yes, Weill did have some modifications done, particularly opening up the master bedroom’s views, but please… it is very rare that anybody is doubling their money right now when they bought in the late 2000’s.  I know this.  I’m a real estate agent.  This is what I do.

2. Why does a 22-year old need an $88 million apartment? I ask this because the purchase was made by Dmitry Robolovlev (try saying that five times fast with gum in your mouth) for his daughter.  It’s so sweet when parents buy children their first starter apartments, isn’t it?

3. Is Mr. Robolovlev a criminal? I guess not, because after being accused of murder he was released for lack of evidence after serving only one year in prison.  Sounds like a simple error to me, don’t you agree?

4. Mr. Robolovlev is the 93rd richest man in the world, with $9.5 billion.  His soon to be ex-wife could get as much as $6 billion in their divorce (I knew I married down!).

5. Did you know that Mayor Bloomberg is even richer than Mr. Robolovlev? It’s true.

6. The penthouse at 15 CPW is 6,744 square feet, with a wraparound terrace measuring in at 2,077.  So I guess it’s a bargain then.  With ten rooms, each room is only about $8 million (give or take due to the outdoor space of course).

7. His daughter is an equestrian, always a good hobby for rich girls.  It tends to keep them out of trouble with boys, especially when they are in their teen years.

8. Supposedly the daughter, Ekaterina (what else would she be named?  bought the apartment herself, as she signed the contract.  However, her earnings last year were only $2,370, so she is a bit short on cash for a sale of this magnitude.


Merry Christmas Ekaterina! I don’t know how Daddy will top this when you get married, but I’m sure he will find a way.  Or Mommy perhaps, since it seems that she will be the rich one in the family once the sloppy divorce is finalized.  I mean why should Daddy spend part of his $3.5 billion when Mommy will have $6 billion? Oh I know! I know! Because the wife has probably never worked so it may be tough for her to make ends meet after the divorce.  We wouldn’t want her to have to give up the lifestyle that she is accustomed to after all.  I’m sure Dmitry still has some good earnings years ahead of him, assuming he doesn’t get accused of murder again and put away for good next time.



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