It’s Getting Cold Outside

Fourteen degrees today with the wind chill and I ask myself:

Why do I live in New York City?

Why don’t I live in L.A.?

Why don’t I live in the burbs where I could get into my warm car and drive right up to the mall rather than running around the city trying to get a cab, or a subway or a bus?

Why don’t I have a chauffeur driven Rolls Royce like my grandparents did?

Why aren’t I in Palm Beach this weekend?

And I answer:

Because I’m not. 

If I were in L.A. I probably wouldn’t have the two amazing children that I have. 

I probably wouldn’t have met the man of my dreams and married him.

It’s not as cold or depressing at fourteen degrees today as it was before I was married to my husband.  I am warm from the inside out now (that does NOT mean that I’m not going to complain that I’m freezing every day until April though!).

My husband just started a new job in NYC and can’t move to L.A., at least not now.

My Happy Light is still sitting in the closet and has not been turned on yet.  Why? Because I really am not having SAD at all this year, at least so far.

So I’m heading out now to meet my husband’s family and friends for a Hanukkah/82nd birthday celebration (my father-in-law had his birthday on Friday) with my children.  Is it cold? Hell yes.  Do I care? A little, but I’m so happy to be here and to be able to celebrate with all of them tonight.

Am I jealous of the people who live near the warm beach all year round? Absolutely.  One day I hope to be one of them, or at least one who winters where it’s warm.  But I am not going to focus on the negative.  I am going to focus on the positive, and there’s a lot to be happy for.

My daughter got into Smith! I know, I know, you already know this.  Sorry for being a bore but I’m so proud of her.

I’m going to visit my Dad in Las Vegas in a week and I cannot wait to see him.  Don’t get too excited though — it’s freezing in Las Vegas at this time of year also.  Many people wrongly believe that it is warm there all the time because it is in the desert, but they are deluded or uninformed.  We will not be packing our bathing suits for this trip.

Personally I prefer 100 degrees in Las Vegas to 40 degrees, but that’s just me.  Right now I am bundling up to go outside again.  Furry hat, furry coat, warm gloves, boots.  Not my preferred mode of dress, but I will just have to deal with it.


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  1. good idea im gonna try it

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