“Shockaholic” Lacks Sizzle

In the past I have enjoyed every single one of Carrie Fisher’s books, but I just finished “Shockoholic”, and shockingly, it was terrible.  Well, maybe it isn’t so shocking.  She begins the book by talking about her recent electro-convulsive shock therapy treatments.  They are clearly not working.

Carrie, you have been funny and clever and amusing in the past, but this book is just bad.  You write about losing your short term memory from these treatments, but it seems that you have lost a lot more.  Either that or you have just run out of interesting tales for now, which is fine, as long as you just stop writing until you do have something worth telling again.

Also, why didn’t you thank your daughter Billie at the end of the book? Did you “forget”? Are you mad at her? That seemed like a glaring error to me, similar to when Academy Award winners thank everybody during their acceptance speeches other than their spouses, and then, a few weeks later, surprise! surprise! they are divorcing.  I have seen this happen more than once, more than twice even.

“Shockaholic” is shocking only in the fact that it is so boring.  The best news about it is that it’s short.  I’m not sure how short, as I read it on my kindle (which you know I hate, partially because I can’t tell how long the books are), but I finished it in about two hours.  Two very boring hours.

I will stop reviewing this book now because I will surely become as boring as it is if I continue.


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