Bring Your Eyes, Not Your Ears: “The Artist” Film Review

I don’t like old things.  I’m not into vintage clothing… I don’t want to wear something that someone else has worn… ever.  Shoes, yuch! When my children were little I never wanted other people’s hand-me-downs.  New for us please.  Real estate? I like it new, or at least newly renovated.  Someone else’s prewar dream is my nightmare — old plumbing and electric, everything about to break.  I like it new.  I would love to move every five years into a brand new space where nothing has ever been used before.  New toilets.  New stove.  New everything.

So how do I feel about old movies? I don’t dislike them as much as some old things, but I am not really a fan.  I like current films, with amazing special effects.  So, I wasn’t exactly running to the theatre to see “The Artist”, a black and white silent movie.

You should though. 

“The Artist” is great.  I am not suggesting that I now want to watch silent black and white films on a regular basis, but this movie is a true gem.  The acting is incredible.  The fading silent movie star George Valentin, played by Jean Dujardin, is fantastic.  He is beautiful to watch.  You don’t need words to enjoy his performance.  His facial expressions say it all.  And the female star, Peppy Miller, played by Berenice Bejo, is also perfectly cast. 

I don’t know what compelled the writer to make this film, but it is terrific.  The audience at The Angelika clapped at the film’s conclusion yesterday, something we don’t find all the time in jaded NYC.  The film is innovative, completely unlike anything else you’ve ever seen.  It is not fast-paced, but it is completely worth watching.  See it now before the Acadmy Awards, as it will certainly be up for quite a few Oscars.  Does it deserve best movie of the year? I don’t think so, but it is definitely worth the $13 price of admission.  And the popcorn at The Angelika is always worth the calories.



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