Where do you have to go? Estancia 460

Last night my husband and I stopped by Estancia 460 at 460 Greenwich Street in Tribeca.  Always a neighborhood favorite, we visit frequently, enjoying brunches, lunches, dinners and, most of all, the company of my dear friend and the restaurant’s gorgeous owner, Stacey Sosa.  Estancia 460 was formerly the Tribeca branch of Sosa Borella, and Stacey revamped it several years ago, maintaining the intimate and cozy decor, delicious Argentinian fare, and extremely reasonable prices.

Estancia 460 has been transformed people! I tell you that last night it was packed with an amazing mix of families and neighbors as well as many who had reserved tables and ventured down to drink and dine. 

There has been some major reorganizing around the staff, and you will especially love the addition of the perky and adorable Katie behind the bar.  Rumor has it that she mixes a mean Bloody Mary.

The vibe at 460 is upbeat and warm.  The food continues to be perfectly cooked and yummy.  Their french fries (I have said this before) are as good as any in the city, and that is saying a lot (especially coming from a true french fry connoisseur such as myself).  They have updated their menus and the fare ranges from delicious pizzas to salads and grilled shrimp and fabulous sandwiches all the way up to steak and chicken milanese.  Nothing fancy, everything spiced just right (and, again, priced just right too).

If you haven’t been to Estancia 460 in a while it is definitely time to go back and pay a visit.  You won’t be sorry, and I guarantee that you will be back,

and back,

and back again.


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