Book Review: “The Marriage Plot”

Sometimes a book is so good that you don’t want to finish it.  That is how I felt when I finished Jeffrey Eugenide’s “The Marriage Plot” last night.  In fact, I loved this book so much that I didn’t want it to end from the very first day that I picked it up.  This doesn’t happen very often.

The book opens on graduation day at Brown University in 1982 (the very same year that I graduated from college!).  The central characters are engaging and brilliant.  This is not a book for dummies.  It is highly intellectual.  Don’t expect some simple novel; you will not find it here.

I have read all of Eugenide’s books (all three that is!).  The first was “The Virgin Suicides” which I absolutely loved.  This was followed by “Middlesex”, for which he won a Pulitzer Prize.  He is no lightweight… I’m telling you.

This book deals with academics, relationships, mental illness, family dynamics and much more.  It is brilliantly crafted.  There are sentences so beautiful that I was tempted to highlight them in yellow. 

Cheers for “The Marriage Plot”.  I recommend it highly.  406 pages of pleasure.  I bought the hardcover edition so I can pass it along.  My daughter is next if she wants it.  This is no kindle purchase people.  You will want to share it once you have finished.

How about a sequel? Our central characters are only 23 years old at the end.  I want to read more! A trilogy perhaps?


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