The Millionaire Matchmaker Gets “Matched”

Finally, Patti Stanger allows herself to be Millionaire Matchmakered (I know that isn’t a real word.  I’m not stupid!).  So many viewers have wondered, and asked, why she is single if she is such a supposed specialist at matchmaking.  Well, she’s ready to find love (and some really good sex), so she let her team hook her up.

She met a man that she likes! She was adorable on her date.  She tried zip-lining and was petrified but a pretty good sport about it.  She was feminine and not too controlling, and the chemistry was there (not sure why, since the guy seems really homosexual to me).  They smooched up a storm.

It was good to see Patti in action on a couple of dates.  She actually followed the advice that she gives her own clients (for the most part), and the men seemed to like her.  And, most importantly, the guy she likes is the one she picked rather than the one her staff selected for her (John vs. Mike), so she does seem to have a good “picker” even when it comes to herself.  The best part is that the man she likes has two daughters, and Patti is dying to be a stepmom.  I think she would be an amazing stepmom, and his daughters are young enough to be open to it (I think)!   I hope so for her sake. 

It doesn’t matter if I’m attracted to John as long as Patti is, right? They have gone out a few more times, so I’m hoping that maybe now she will find true love, just like she helps so many other people do day in and day out.

I love Patti.  She’s looking good and is supposedly a size four now.  She’s in shape, successful, and now ready to find love.  I give her points for putting herself out there on t.v. 

Go Patti!

About mallorylayne

midlife mom seeking meaning for the rest of her life.
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