Are You Watching “Homeland”?

My husband has a cold.  I saw it coming.  The first signs appeared exactly a week ago.

“You’re going to be sick all next weekend,” I told him.

I was right.

When you’re married to a Jewish man (a.k.a. hypochondriac) they are very aware of any slight changes in their health, and make every little symptom known.

I was right.  He made it through Thanksgiving.  He made it through a half day at work on Friday.  And now, he is sick.  Very sick.  As sick as you can be without a fever.  I’m sure he will be better in the morning, in time to go back to work, but for now, this weekend, I am his nursemaid.  Jewish men “wait” to be sick until they can have your undivided attention without missing a minute of work or any important social obligations or sporting events.

What does this have to do with “Homeland” you ask? Good question.  My husband has been wanting to watch “Homeland” for a while.  People keep telling him it’s a great show.  I had no desire to watch it.  However, since he’s sick, I told him I would watch whatever he wanted yesterday.  And guess what? It’s great! We watched three episodes yesterday, and I’m sure that we will watch some more today.

“Homeland” is on Showtime.  It’s about (surprise, surprise!) Homeland Security.  I have always liked Claire Danes, and she is very good as the show’s star, a crazy CIA agent named Carrie Mathison, who is married to her job.  And Marine Sergeant Nicholas Brody returns after being MIA for eight years, played by Damian Lewis, is also well cast. 

As usual, Showtime does not disappoint.  “Homeland” is intelligent, entertaining and well-acted.  What more can you ask for when you’re stuck at home for an entire weekend?


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midlife mom seeking meaning for the rest of her life.
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