Giving Thanks

It is the day before Thanksgiving so I am going to give thanks now.  I would give thanks tomorrow, but I am hosting dinner here so I am going to be crazed with cooking, serving, and (unfortunately) cleaning.  I don’t mind the shopping (though I did get caught in a torrential downpour on my way home from Whole Foods today, which was not pretty).  I don’t mind the cooking.  I don’t even mind the serving.  The cleaning, however, I do mind… especially the pots and pans and roasters.  Forget the manicure today ladies.  It would just be a big waste of money (unless you wear rubber gloves.  I finally broke down and bought rubber gloves about a month ago but I have yet to open them.  I don’t think rubber gloves are Jewish.).

I think it’s really important to give thanks on Thanksgiving.  It would be ideal if we gave thanks regularly, but at least on this day we should all take the time to think of, or state, some of the things that we are grateful for.

Here I go:

1) My daughter.  All my life I always dreamed of having a little girl, and she is even better than the girl that I had imagined.  She will be off to college pretty soon, so I am trying to savor every moment with her even more than usual.  The good news is that nobody can afford their own place when they graduate from college so she’ll probably be back in four years.

2) My son.  I had wanted two girls, since I never had a sister growing up.  However, my son has been a gift from heaven.  Somebody up there knew what I needed more than I did, and I am grateful that he is in my life, and proud to have him as my child.

3) My father.  He is eighty years young.  He is wise and handsome and loving.  I am thankful for him every single day and hope that he will be with me for at least another twenty years.  I cannot imagine my life without him in it.

4) My husband.  I am the luckiest woman alive to have found true love and my real soulmate at the age of forty-seven, and to have married him at fifty.  He enriches my life every day.  He makes me laugh, he fills my heart with joy, he makes me feel loved and safe.  He is my best friend.  I will love him for the rest of our lives, and I hope that we will have another fifty years together.  He also comes with two beautiful daughters and I am happy for that.

5) Health.  We are all healthy.  Healthy people usually don’t give this much thought, but people who are not healthy think about this all the time.  Be grateful if you are well, and take good care of yourself and those you love.

6) My in-laws.  They have really become my new parents and my childrens new grandparents.  They are smart, warm, kind, generous and loving.  My family and I all love them and we are so lucky to have them in our lives.

7) My sister- and brother-in-law (my husband’s sister and her husband).  They are wonderful parents and good people.  We are blessed to have them in our lives and to have them living so close by.

8) My brothers and sister-in-law (my brother’s wife).  Though we don’t get to see them nearly enough, they are funny and smart and, most importantly, they are family (I will include my sister-in-law here since she and my brother have been married forever).

9) Friends.  I cannot list them all here, but my friendships have always been extremely important to me.  My friends are like family to me: I love them, I care about them, I am always there for them.  I will not list them by name, but I hope that all of you know who you are and how much you mean to me.

10) My dog.  He is fat, but he is loving and cozy and sweet.  He is the best dog I have ever had (in fact, I’m almost ready to get into bed and take a nap with him as I just took a pilates class with one of my girlfriends and I am wiped out!).

11) My dad’s girlfriend.  She makes my dad so happy.  We are all so joyous that they found one another and that she is keeping my father company and much more after the loss of our mom (his beloved wife).

If you haven’t done so already, please take the time to ask yourself what you are thankful for.  Sometimes we get so caught up in our everyday lives and problems that we don’t take the time to smell the roses.  Try to focus on what you do have rather than what you don’t have.  I think you’ll find that this makes you a happier person.

Happy Thanksgiving to one and all.  I hope that you are celebrating with loved ones.  If you are alone, give me a shout.  We always have room for one more at our Thanksgiving table.



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midlife mom seeking meaning for the rest of her life.
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