My Cousin the Comic

Last night we went to 15 Van Dam Street to see “The Complete Performer”.   It just so happens that this one man show stars my long lost, never before met, cousin Ted Greenberg.  It was seriously funny.

Sometimes you find a little gem in New York City, just when you think you’ve seen and done everything.  I read about Ted’s show on his Facebook page, and was surprised to learn that it is plays just a few blocks from my apartment.  I walk by there all the time and had never noticed it.  He performs every Saturday night at 10 p.m.

Ted’s show was like a weird drug trip.  In fact, one of the guys in the audience was dubbed PCP by Ted, because he heckled the star, asking him how much of the drug he had taken that night.  It is funny in a very strange way, but we laughed our heads off regardless.

“The Complete Performer” costs $15 and lasts just one hour, so there’s really no reason not to see it.  It’s in a cozy little theatre, and Ted engages the audience throughout the show, so don’t be shy.  Cocktails are available too if you need some relaxing.

Looking for something to do? Look no further.  Just get over there and check him out.  You won’t regret it.






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