A 10 Year Old Dead Due to Bullying

An adorable ten-year old is dead due to bullying in a small town in Illinois.  Ashlynn Conner was found by her thirteen-year old sister — she had hung herself in her closet with a scarf.

How does a ten-year old even know how to kill herself? Our society is providing way too much information to our children.  And bullies? How do we raise children who are so cruel that they cause others anguish great enough to make them want to die? It is a complete and total tragedy, a horrible statement about the world we live in.

My heart goes out to Ashlynn and the life she missed, to her family who were unable to comfort little Ashlynn through her misery, to her school for missing the signs that this poor little girl was suffering terribly.  She was called a “slut” by her classmates, a word that she did not know the meaning of. 

When I was ten I honestly don’t think I knew about suicide, or sluts, or terrible bullying.  Our world is moving too fast.  Our children’s heads are reeling from all of the information that they are able to access at the touch of a button.

I miss the days where we didn’t have computers, where we went home to see if somebody had called us, where we wrote and received letters in the mail.  We are moving too fast. 

Slow down people.  Listen to your children.  They need you more than ever. 

And Ashlynn, rest in peace little girl.  You are gone too soon, for no good reason.


About mallorylayne

midlife mom seeking meaning for the rest of her life.
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