Maybe Happy Lights Really Do Work

I have not hooked my Happy Light up yet.  Why? Partially because I’m happy already.  Partially because I’m worried that it may further harm my eyes, which have pinguecula already and I am concerned that the light may make it worse.  In fact, maybe the Happy Light caused it.  I think I have to go back onto google and check it out.

Anyway… there was an article in the New York Times earlier this week about Happy Lights.  My husband saw it and saved it for me (I love when he does that!).  The article cited studies which have proven that Happy Lights really do work in lessening Seasonal Affective Disorder, and that they can even take the place of anti-depressants for lots of people.  Cool, right? I would much rather sit in front of my Happy Light than take a pill, wouldn’t you? Not that I am saying that there’s anything wrong with pills.  I am all for them if they help.  No judgment here that’s for sure.

So, if you are started to feel blue because the days are shorter, the nights are darker and longer, the weather is getting colder, the sun isn’t shining much, and so on and so on…

Buy your Happy Light.  I love mine.  They aren’t beautiful, but they are effective, and now I have the studies to back me up.

Don’t worry.  Be happy.


About mallorylayne

midlife mom seeking meaning for the rest of her life.
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2 Responses to Maybe Happy Lights Really Do Work

  1. My doctor just told me to start using one, so I am now, every day.

    So far, if there is a difference, it is minimal. But I don’t think it can hurt.


    • mallorylayne says:

      I definitely thought that it helped me last year (you can go back and read my old posts about it if you want), but more importantly, the studies seem to say that it actually does work. And, as you said, it can’t hurt (other than in my case where it may be burning my eyeballs!). It is so hard to measure these things as there are so many other factors at play.

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