Regis Philbin: Last Week on Regis and Kelly

It’s Monday, November 14th, 2011, which means one thing:

Regis Philbin only has five shows left (including today).  After this Friday, “Regis and Kelly” will be called “The Kelly Show”.  I love Kelly, but I especially loved Regis and Kelly.  They complement each other so beautifully. 

Katie Lee Gifford was awful (in my humble opinion).  She was a self-promoter, bad singer and dancer who loved nothing more than to sing and dance, and she prostituted her children on the air all the time.

Kelly is adorable.  She is bubbly, humble, and funny. 

Now what we need is the perfect match for Kelly, and you know what’s going to happen.  It’s obvious.  They are going to hire her husband, Mark Consuelos.  I am not happy about this.  Mark is cute, yes, but I am not a huge fan of husband and wife c0-hosts.  I want them to pick someone else!

My pick was Anderson Cooper.  He has co-hosted with Kelly many times and he is adorable with her.  He’s handsome, extremely intelligent, funny, quick on his feet.  But… he is not going to take the job.  He already has his own show, and I really don’t think he has time for Kelly.  Of all the people who have guest hosted he was on the top of my list with basically no competition.

Who will fill Regis Philbin’s shoes? I have no idea, but right now I am enjoying his last few shows.  He is so cute.  Every day people come on to say farewell to him and his eyes fill up with tears.  Regis, we love you.  You will be missed. 

Who do you think will take his place?


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2 Responses to Regis Philbin: Last Week on Regis and Kelly

  1. I think Neil Pateick should take his place. He and Kelly seem comfortable together!

    • mallorylayne says:

      Neil Patrick Harris is adorable and I agree that he and Kelly are cute and comfortable together. However, I still want to see more choices. What about Andy Cohen or Anderson Cooper? I liked the fact that Regis was so much older than Kelly also. Kelly and Neil Patrick Harris almost seem like brother and sister. I loved Jerry Seinfeld co-hosting last week. Regardless, I’m sure the network will play up the search for a new co-host for as long as possible.

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