You’re Lucky if You’re Alive and Well

Imagine taking your 13-year old son shopping to buy Halloween candy for underpriviledged children and getting critically injured in the act.  You are hit by a shopping cart that has been purposefully pushed off of a fourth floor landing by two 12-year olds, knocked to the ground, bleeding and unconscious, while your son watches, horrified, screaming his poor heart out.

Well this is what happened to a 47-year old Elliman broker named Marion Hedges and her 13-year old son while shopping in Manhattan a few weeks ago.  My son and I discussed this the other night and were both horrified.  Simple acts, like shopping for candy, can end in heartbreak, injury, possible death or at least months and months of rehabilition.  Hedges remains unconscious now, weeks after being admitted to a hospital.  She is also mother to a daughter, and a loving wife.  She is a beautiful working mother, trying to do the right thing, and look where it gets her.

Be careful.  Don’t hide under the covers, but don’t take unnecessary risks, especially if you have children.  Don’t ride motorcycles.  Even the best bikers are often hurt (three peopel that I know well are among these in the past few months).  Cross the street when you see construction or scaffolding… people are injured all the time by faulty sites, careless mistakes. 

And, most importantly I think, teach your children (as CSN will tell you).  Imagine being the parent to one of the 12-year old boys who devised this “stunt”.  What were they thinking? Or did they not think at all? Well, they will be thinking about this for the rest of their lives and so will the many people who were effected by this horrible accident.

Don’t text and drive.  Don’t drink and drive.  Don’t talk on your cell phone while driving without a headset.

Just be careful.

And pray for Marion Hedges and her family.  Speedy recovery!






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  1. Michale says:

    I found the info on this post useful.

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