My Dog’s a Fattie

I have never had a fat dog…

Until now.

Last year my dog weighed in at 22.2 pounds when he went to the vet for his annual check-up.  The vet told me that he needed to lose 2 pounds.  I put him on a diet.  He was very unhappy.

Yesterday my dog went back to the vet (one year later) for his annual check-up.  He weigned in at 25 pounds!

My dog is a fattie.

My dog, Grandpa, is a dappled dachschund.  He has a “big build”.  He does not like to walk outside.  He loves to sleep.  He is extremely cuddly, and sleeps under the covers in our bed every night.  He is a big hot water bottle filled with love. 

Grandpa is now five pounds overweight.  We don’t give him a lot of treats (no more than one per day).  We don’t feed him table food. 

Poor Grandpa.  Eating his Iams dog food is one of his greatest pleasures, and now we will be putting him on a new diet, one for fat dogs.  We are also going to walk him more.  He already went for two walks this morning.  He is exhausted now.  He is under the covers, hiding from me and his leash.

I gave him a heartworm pill this morning and he was in heaven! For him, even a heartworm pill is a big treat! We are testing his thyroid.  Maybe it’s sluggish.  Otherwise I honesty don’t know how he could have gained 2.8 pounds this year.  His diet has not changed and he is only four years old.

Poor Grandpa.


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  1. Brant Tippet says:

    great work, keep up the great blog.

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