Let Your Freak Flag Fly: CSN Review

Last night we saw Crosby, Stills and Nash at The Beacon.  Concerts like this are so heartwarming.  The musicians are like old friends, and the crowd is pretty old, like us.  We are young, however, compared to the performers. 

Would you believe that Graham Nash is about to turn 70? David Crosby IS 70.  Not only that, but he is the survivor of a liver transplant.  He does not look the epitome of fit, but his voice is crystal clear, and it’s amazing to have him on stage after his earlier health scares.  Stephen Stills is the baby of the band, at sixty-six, and boy can he play the guitar! Unbelievable.  His voice is beautiful, though he was not harmonizing well last night.  Not sure if it was an acoustics issue at The Beacon, or within the band, but the show was fun regardless.

I now officially have a mad crush on Graham Nash.  He is thin and fit and energetic, with a beautiful head full of stylish white hair.  He performed barefoot, a la Patti Smith… gotta love it.  He is a true hippie, and watching him bop around the stage was a true delight.  He was up there with Paul McCartney and Mick Jagger in terms of the cuteness factor.

They were political for a change, and a few people in the audience did not approve.  Graham spoke proudly of Occupy Wall Street, and David criticized the “1,000 rich people who are running this country… and the big companies like GE who are not paying taxes…” (I paraphrase of course). 

“Why do you think they call us political?” he asked afterwards, with a smile.

Okay, maybe they could hold their tongues, but after this many years they probably deserve to speak their minds.

Highlights? A “Ruby Tuesday” cover, “Our House”, “Winchester Cathedral”, and, of course,

“Almost Cut My Hair”.

Overall, a fun, fun show.  I’m so happy we went.

Tonight? Jay-Z and Kanye West at The Garden with my 15-year old son.  Can’t wait!


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