Sauce is Not Very “Saucy”

We went to Sauce last night, the new restaurant that Frank opened at 78 Rivington Street on the Lower East Side.  You know Frank Prisinzano… he owns Little Frankie’s and Supper and Frank (if you don’t know him, you should).  The first three restaurants are all great.  We especially love Supper and Little Frankie’s.  All of his places are cash only… how does he get away with that? Well he does, so good for him.  They are all reasonably priced Italian restaurants with great service, insider wine finds and deals, cozy and comfortable.

Not Sauce!

I’m not saying the food wasn’t good because it was.  I’m not saying they didn’t have good wines for the price because they did (although I wouldn’t really know because I don’t drink any more, remember?).  However…

The restaurant is soooo uncomfortable.  The tables and chairs are made of cheap, rickety wood, and every time someone walks past you are jammed, jarred and nudged.  Not comfortable.  The seating is so squished in that it wouldn’t be comfortable even if the furnishings were not so cheap.  Forget it for tall people.  They looked especially miserable.

They haven’t ironed out the kinks in the service yet, and that’s understandable, but the basic uncomfortableness of the place is just bad, very bad. 

And, it’s expensive.  Much more expensive than his other three places.  And they are cozy and comfortable. 

The vibe of Sauce was more McNally than Frank.  I guess you need to be really young to eat there, but I’m not sure the very young can afford it. 

They don’t have:


Limes or lemons (all three very upsetting to a non-alcohol drinker),

Skim milk,

Decaf coffees of any variety.

They only have 2 desserts, and neither have chocolate! The fruit plate was seriously pathetic.  A second grader could have been more creative (though the homemade whipped cream was heavenly).  The t-bone steak was $100 for two people and they didn’t slice it or serve it (or any of the other dishes) with any serving utensils.  God forbid someone you are dining with has a cold or the flu coming on and the whole table is sure to be bedridden within a few days.

They don’t give you clean plates between courses, even when they are already very dirty.

I wasn’t impressed, obviously, though I will say that the t-bone steak was delicious.  We all  left hungry though, and that was after our server said that we had ordered “more than enough”.  Oh well.  Back to Little Frankie’s and Supper for us.  We tried.  We won’t be going back.


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