Marathon #8 Anybody?

Maybe I will run another marathon after all.  Watching today definitely put me in the mood again, and now that I don’t drink any more I think I will be in stellar condition to train soon.  Two days without a glass of wine and I already feel fabulous!

I watched that Ethipian woman running ahead of the pack today and I thought… boy oh boy, I could never run a quarter of a mile that fast, even when she was running mile 24.  But I digress…

I did not wish that I ran NYC today.  47,000 people! That is about 37,000 people too many for my liking, or at least 32,000.  I will run Las Vegas again if I run at all.

That is all I will say for today.

I am trying to convince my son to train with me.  He says, “Ummm… no.” Okay, well I can always get my husband to run with me.  Maybe my son will do it in three years when he’s eighteen.  I don’t think it’s so healthy for a younger person to run it anyway, though I’m really not sure.


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midlife mom seeking meaning for the rest of her life.
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