Why I Am Not Running the NYC Marathon on Sunday

The NYC marathon is this Sunday, November 6th.  The weather is forecasted to be perfect for a 26.2 mile run — cool, dry.  Over 45,000 people are running this year.  I think it’s the largest marathon in the world.  I know it’s one of the largest.

This is why I am not running the NYC marathon on Sunday:

1. It’s 26.2 miles.  That’s pretty far.

2. It’s one of the biggest marathons in the world and I am claustrophic.  The last time I ran NYC (two years ago) I think there were 10,000 fewer runners, and I couldn’t deal with the crowds even then.

3. I don’t like to be cold, and waiting over on Staten Island for hours and hours before the race is always very unpleasant for me because I am always freezing.  What other people consider “ideal” running weather is arctic to me.  I need to wear ear coverings when it dips below 60 degrees.

4. I don’t like port-a-potties.  Runner’s port-a-potties are particularly disgusting.  If you are a racer you will know exactly what I mean.  I will not elaborate any further.

5. Lack of training.  When I run a marathon I train for almost six months.  Right now I would be lucky to finish a half marathon.

6. I don’t want to faint.  I have fainted after the marathon and almost fainted before it.  The past few months have been faint-free, since I was diagnosed with vasovagal syncope.  Not fainting is a good thing for me and running very long distances increases my chances of losing consciousness.

7. My husband didn’t want to do it.  This is kind of a lame excuse because he didn’t want to do it two years ago either and ended up running a lot better than I did on race day.  His lack of enthusiasm enabled me to blow it off easily though;

8. I’m old.  Fifty to be exact.  Actually, maybe that’s a better reason to run than not to run but it sounds good.  “I’m too old.”  If my son wants to run a marathon though I have promised that I would run his first with him.  “Your first and my last,” I have told him for years;

9. Boredom.  I am tired of running up and down the Hudson River for two or three hours a day, week after week.  I need some new scenary.  If I lived in L.A., now that might be a different story.  Even with my updated music supply I can only bear the same sights for so long.

10. I have other things to fill my time now.  When I started training for marathons eleven years ago there was a big void in my life.  My marriage was dissolving, my children were eventually spending time away from me with their dad, I was not in a relationship.  Running became a very good focus for me — a healthy outlet.  Right now I’m busy with my children, my new husband, friends, family and work.  An hour a day of exercise is enough for me right now.

Okay, okay.  I have said I am done with marathons but that may not be true.  It’s never too late to train again, right? At the moment I am enjoying short runs, working out with my trainer, the occasional yoga class, and a lot of time at the gym.  The truth is that I like to race, and I like the discipline and rigor that comes with the training.  Over the past few years my marathon times were slowing down rather than speeding up and I was feeling discouraged, but, you never know… maybe as an over -50 runner I will start racing again more frequently and rank better again in my age category (you always have the edge at the beginning of the decade!) and perhaps I will be encouraged to train again.  And again.  And again.

Or maybe not.




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midlife mom seeking meaning for the rest of her life.
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