What Cha Listenin’ To?

Tired of listening to the same old songs day in and day out? Me too, especially because I become obsessed with my new “finds” and play them over and over again like a teenager.

Well, your boredom is over.  Here are three new songs for you:

Foster the People, “Helena Beat”, proving that they are not just a one hit wonder.  No question that they are in their formative years though.

“Virgin” by the Manchester Orchestra, and

“Monarchy of Roses” by the RHCP (that’s Red Hot Chili Peppers for you!).

Enjoy.  I listed them in the order that I like them, so if you only have $1.29 I guess Foster the People is the winner of the day.

And since I did NOT win the Powerball jackpot last night (would you believe I only had one number out of thirty — I mean, I “really” lost), I limited my purchases to three songs, but that’s it for me for the week folks.  I did have that few minutes of excited anticipation this morning, imagining that I was going about my business as usual and had actually won the $245 million jackpot.  How ironic.  How incredible.  How life-changing that would be, and when I was interviewed on The Today Show I would laugh about how I took my daughter to school as usual, sitting in traffic, while I could have had a helicopter drop her off.  Haha. 





About mallorylayne

midlife mom seeking meaning for the rest of her life.
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One Response to What Cha Listenin’ To?

  1. gwwatsons says:

    Great post, and too true! Love that you mentioned one of my favorite bands “Manchester Orchestra”, if you are interested in other great alternative bands check out my blog http://alternativeworldspin.wordpress.com/

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