Would I Love a Teacher?

Someone I know recently asked me if I would still be madly in love with my husband if he was a schoolteacher earning $45,000 a year.  Here is my multi-faceted answer:

1. Yes, I would love him regardless of what his job was, so long as it wasn’t illegal or immoral;

2. I love teachers.  I have blogged in the past about how much I respect teachers.  They help to shape our children, and most of them earn way less than they deserve.  This is a problem with our country, not with their occupation;

3. I was a substitute teacher for a while, and this only reinforced for me the importance of the profession;

4. If my husband was a teacher I bet he would be earning a lot more than $45,000 a year by now.  He is so smart that I’m sure he would have tenure and great benefits to boot.  He would also most likely be a professor at a college or university, so we would have free housing and a wonderfully rich campus and academic life.  In my youth I often fantasized about teaching myself, and I often miss the camaraderie of campus living and constant learning;

5. If my husband was a teacher he would have a lot more free time than he has now, so we could spend more time together, which is more important to me than how much he makes.  He would probably have summers off, not to mention paid vacations throughout the academic year.

So yes, enemy of mine, I would still love my husband if he was a schoolteacher.  I hope that closes one door for you.


About mallorylayne

midlife mom seeking meaning for the rest of her life.
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2 Responses to Would I Love a Teacher?

  1. I love the spirit of your reply, but I question # 4 & #5 (Most profs earn 55K ish, and that’s only after tenure), and in k12 it takes 12 years in my state to hit 45k. no matter how cool you are. I have to wonder though about the person who sees being a teacher as something degrading enough to sever love…they make me sad. 😦

    • mallorylayne says:

      Not sure where you live but teachers here in NYC can do ok I think. I thought tenured professors earned more. My point, though, was that teaching is an incredible profession and something to be esteemed, not degraded or looked down upon just because our country does not pay teachers the way we pay musicians and actors and athletes and bankers and others who are not really shaping our children.

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