The Latest Celebrity Divorce – Kim Kardashian!!!

Kim Kardashian and her husband for just over two months, Kris Humphries, have filed for divorce, today of all days… Halloween.  Funny, but I thought the wedding happened way too quickly and that Kim just wanted to be married at age thirty, so she wouldn’t be looked at as unweddable or something.

They spent ten million dollars on the wedding! Kim got to wear her white dress, which is what she seems to have been focused on for the past few years, as her less attractive sisters have married and had children even.

She says that they’re divorcing because she doesn’t want to move to Minnesota, where her husband was raised.  Hello? Couldn’t they afford two homes?

They had only dated for six months when they got married, and based on the wedding they (or at least she) probably spent most of those six months in fittings and planning meetings.  Believe me, getting married if you haven’t known somebody for at least two years, and lived with them, is not a good idea! I did that with my children’s father (we were engaged after five months, married after eight), and there were many, many critical things that we did not discuss before it was too late.  Not only did we do the wedding (though we eloped privately) but we had the children too.  At least Kim and Kris don’t have any children together (or will that be the next breaking TMZ story???), thank goodness.

I blame Kim for all of this.  I really don’t think twenty-six year old Kris knew what hit him.

Just wondering… are they going to return my wedding gift?


The whole thing is just too bizarre, but, yet, so unsurprising.


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