I Met “Nurse Jackie”!

A good friend of mine took me to the set of “Nurse Jackie” today.  It’s in Astoria, Queens.  It was really fun.  The sets are all there (with the exception of the outdoor scenes by the hospital), so we got to walk through the hospital, including the nurse’s station, the lobby replete with the candy/cigarette stand, the chapel, the kitchen in Jackie’s home, and much more.  The sets are totally amazing and lifelike.

It is incredible what goes into shooting a scene.  There were hundreds of people there, all to film one-fifth of an episode.  They work twelve-plus hours a day.  There is a lot of:



Waiting, waiting, waiting.

Seriously, you have to have the patience of a saint to work on a t.v. set we decided, after spending half a day there. 

What do they do between takes? They:


Drink coffee,

Play a lot on their I-phones,

Walk their dogs, and

Talk to set visitors, like us.  That was the best part for us.  For them it seemed a welcome relief from the same faces they see twelve hours a day, five days a week, while filming.

The show is amazing.  I have always loved it.  My friend’s husband bought the set visit at a pre-school auction, and they invited me because they know that I’m a huge “Nurse Jackie” fan.

Who was the friendliest?

Edie Falco (Jackie) was amazing, and wait until you see her new hairdo on Season 4.  She looks fabulous,

Arjun Gupta (who plays Sam) was incredibly nice… and he is gorgeous! Very tall and thin, with beautiful eyes and skin, and

Lenny Jacobson (who actually plays Lenny the E.M.T. guy who is Zooey’s boyfriend).  She was there too, but very “focused” on work.  He is much thinner and better looking in person than on television.

Anyway, it was totally fun.  I recommend visiting a set of one of your favorite shows if you have the opportunity.  The cast, writers, directors, etc. were all super nice and inviting, so you don’t feel like you’re in the way or imposing.

Go Jackie! Season 4 looks like it’s going to be the best one ever… if that’s even possible.  Can’t say that for a lot of other shows (i.e., “U.S. of Tara”).


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