Don’t See This Movie This Weekend: Almodovar’s “The Skin I Live In”

I have been a Pedro Almodovar fan for many, many years, but his latest film, “The Skin I Live In”, was one of the most disturbing films I have ever seen, and not in a good way.  Don’t see it this weekend.  In fact, don’t see it at all.  Ever.  It is warped, sick, disturbing.  There is really nothing good about it, other than Antonio Banderos looking exceedingly handsome.  That man does not age, and he doesn’t seem to need the injections and surgeries that his longtime partner Melanie Griffith does (not that I don’t love her and feel their pain for her long-time drug addiction and recent relapse).  He is certainly not showing the signs of strain physically.  He is absolutely stunning!

Anyway… getting back to the movie…

I wanted to walk out in a big way.  It takes a lot to make me want to walk out of a movie, especially if I haven’t finished my popcorn yet. 

I don’t like to read film reviews before I go to the movies because I feel like they are typically spoilers, giving away much more than I want to know before seeing the film myself.  So, I knew nothing about this before I walked in, but I realized I was in trouble as soon as I saw the ad, with a woman in a mask.  Burn victim, I thought.  I have worked with burn victims and I find them to be among the most tragic and tortured people on the planet — maimed, in constant pain — certainly not something I want to watch in my free time when I am hoping to unwind.

And it gets worse.  Everybody in this movie is completely insane.  Sick, nasty, horrible people star in every scene.  It is warped beyond belief.  I don’t know why such a brilliant filmmaker would endeavor to make a movie like this, but it is a “Do Not See” film.  I am warning you. 

Do not see “The Skin I Live In”.  You will be sorry if you do.


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midlife mom seeking meaning for the rest of her life.
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