Really Good Book!

I just finished a really good book.  It’s one of those novels that is great for a long plane ride, a vacation, a break from reality before bedtime.

It is called “This Beautiful Life” and it is written by Helen Schulman.  This is the story of a family who has just moved from a simple life in Ithaca, New York, to the Upper West Side complete with private schools, keeping up with the neighbors and a lot of other things that they have not had to deal with before.  It takes place in 2003, and there is an internet incident in the family which changes their lives forever. 

The narrative moves between the fifteen year old son, the mother, and the father, weaving the tale through different voices. 

This book will appeal to you if you are a parent, a child (who is at least fifteen or so)… hmmm… I guess everyone is a child come to think of it.  It will make you question your own behaviors when it comes to parenting, relationships, and career choices.  Where should we raise our children? What is more important? A tightly bound family or more money and better schools? As a child we will question how we have treated our parents and how much responsibility we need to take for our own actions, even when we are not yet adults.

I loved this book.  I completely recommend.  I am going onto right now to see what else she has written that I haven’t read yet.




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midlife mom seeking meaning for the rest of her life.
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