Do You Atone?

Well, it is Yom Kippur once again.  Time to atone.  I have always found it interesting that in our religion we celebrate the New Year before we atone.  It would seem to make more sense to atone and then celebrate, but I did not write the rules.  Obviously.

So, tonight we eat early and then we go to temple.

Tomorrow we do not eat all day, and we go to temple.  And then we go to temple again.  And then we eat… finally!

Do you atone? I do, but I have never really been one to atone only during the high holy days.  If you have something to atone for you can do it any time, any where, don’t you think? It is like mourning the death of a loved one.  I do not need to go to a cemetary to remember and love my grandparents.  I do not need to have my mother’s ashes in hand to speak to her. 

The holidays do remind us of things:

Atone on Yom Kippur,

Give thanks on Thanksgiving,


Anyway, it is Yom Kippur.  Atone if you want to, especially if you have been a vindictive and hateful person this year, taking no responsibility for your own horrible behaviors and then trying to make others miserable. 

Be a good parent.  Do not try to turn your children against your ex-spouse if you are divorced or separated.  This is horrible for the children, and remember, they did not ask us to divorce.  We should not make their situations worse.

If you need to go to temple to atone for your sins, then go.  Otherwise, get started.  You may have a lot to be sorry for.

What am I atoning for this year?

1. Not working as hard or as much as I should have,

2. Not always having the patience I strive for,

3. Not giving back as much of my time as I could, mostly because I have not really found the ideal volunteer position.  I found myself bored and frustrated last year at my volunteer job, so I need to find something else that will take up less of the time when I could be working and really feeling like I am making a difference and helping others.

I have a lot to be grateful for this year, but I will save that post for Thanksgiving, which is (believe it or not) right around the corner!



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midlife mom seeking meaning for the rest of her life.
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