Elton John’s Million Dollar Piano Show

Last night we saw Elton John again at Caesar’s.  The last time we saw him he was rocking the Red Piano.  Now, two and a half years later, he is back, this time with a piano that actually cost a million dollars! The piano streams videos throughout the show.  Not sure how they do it, but I guess for a million dollars they figured it out.  It streams the names of his albums, blue stars, you name it and this piano can show it.  He has named her Blossom.  Did you know that he names all of his pianos after famous women musicians, like Aretha Franklin and Diana Krall? Yamaha makes them all.  I think he’s up to seven around the world… or possibly eight.

Elton looks great.  He has slimmed down considerably over the past couple of years, and he is happily bragging about fatherhood.  He was a bit full of himself, but hey… he is Elton John after all.  He still waddles around the stage, but this time at least he can get up from the piano, and his awkward gait seems more the result of bad knees than weight.

The show was longer than The Red Piano.  This one went on for two hours.  It is more of a Broadway extravaganza than a concert.  The sets are not as risqué, but the show was definitely more diverse.  It ranged from “Circle of Life” (somewhat reminiscent of Michael Jackson’s Third World musings) to “Philadelphia Freedom” to quiet but beautiful numbers like “Tiny Dancer”.  He is just soooo good.

His percussionist was the highlight of the show at times.  His name is Ray Cooper, and he plays a number with Elton only where his incredible talents truly shine.  At times like this I just wish that I was musically gifted.  The band was having so much fun, and there was a member who has been playing with him since 1969! Imagine filling a theatre night after night when you are in your sixties, or even your seventies maybe.  Pretty amazing.

He had four black back-up singers, and one of them was actually a Stone from Sly and the Family Stone, a Rock and Roll Hall of Famer.  And then there were the dueling cellists from Croatia, a new addition to the band, and “easy on the eyes”, according to Elton.

See the show if you can.  Help him pay for college for his young son, now that he has finally become a dad.  Watch him pay tribute to his dear (and sadly deceased) Liz Taylor.  He played “I’m Still Standing”, while old video footage of him played in the background.

The stage is grand.  The visuals are great.  The acoustics are amazing.  His voice is still all honey.  He graciously acknowledged the people in the balconies, and high-fived those lucky enough to grace the front row.

Elton John seriously rocked The Coliseum last night (the third night of this beautiful executed new show).  If you are in Vegas, don’t miss him.

Biggest disappointment? The gift shop.  The merchandise is seriously tacky, so bad that only the most die-hard and fashion unconscious will dare to wear it.  But listening to “Benny and the Jets” and “The Bitch is Back” more than compensate.

And let’s not forget “Goodbye Yellowbrick Road”.  Tonight? Justin Timberlake at Planet Hollywood.  We’re not going, but maybe you still can.  E.J. is playing again too.  Hop on a plane.  It is totally worth the ride.


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